Western Star Truck Repair in Clearwater & Tampa, FL

Westernstar trucks, synonymous with durability and performance, have graced our highways since 1967. These trucks are designed not just for the long haul but also for the most challenging terrains. What makes the Westernstar brand unique is its commitment to hand-built craftsmanship, ensuring that each truck is tailored to meet specific requirements. Every aspect of a Westernstar truck speaks of quality and precision, from the rugged exteriors to the intricately designed interiors.

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Comprehensive Repair Services for Westernstar Trucks

Engine Diagnostics and Repairs

At Suncoast Fleet Services, our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of Westernstar engines. Whether it's the Series 60, the DD13, or the Cummins X15, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair any issues. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools ensure that we pinpoint the problem accurately, reducing downtime and ensuring your truck is back on the road swiftly.

Transmission and Driveline Services

The transmission and driveline are crucial components of your Westernstar truck. Our team is proficient in handling Eaton Fuller manual transmissions and the latest automated transmissions. Suncoast Fleet Services has covered you, whether it's a clutch replacement, transmission rebuild, or driveline balancing.

Brake System Maintenance

The braking system of a Westernstar truck, equipped with advanced features like the WABCO 4S/4M ABS, requires specialized care. Our technicians ensure that every component, from the brake pads to the hydraulic systems, is in optimal condition, guaranteeing safety on the road.

Preventative Maintenance for Prolonged Truck Life

  • Regular Inspection and Service: Routine inspections are the backbone of preventative maintenance. Suncoast Fleet Services thoroughly checks all vital systems, including the cooling, exhaust, and electrical systems. Our comprehensive service ensures that your Westernstar truck operates at peak efficiency.
  • Fluid and Filter Changes: The lifeblood of any truck is its fluids. Regular oil changes and replacing air, fuel, and hydraulic filters ensure that your Westernstar truck's engine and components remain free from contaminants, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.
  • Tire Services: Tires play a pivotal role in the safety and fuel efficiency of your Westernstar truck. Our team provides tire rotation, balancing, and alignment services, ensuring your truck maintains optimal road contact, reduces wear, and improves fuel economy.

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Westernstar trucks, with their unique blend of craftsmanship and technology, deserve the best for repair and maintenance. At Suncoast Fleet Services in Clearwater, FL, we offer specialized services tailored to the needs of Westernstar truck owners. With our technical expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your truck is in capable hands.

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